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credit cardsIt is a common practice among new business owners or home based businesses to develop their own website or develop a website from an acquaintance, family member, or a friend. This is done in order to keep the cost of website designing as low as possible. Great! There is nothing wrong in doing that, but are those projects ever completed in a timely and professional manner. Is the structure of the website designed in order to get the maximum benefit from search engine marketing or search engine optimization that will give the maximum visibility to your webpage? Well, most of the times it doesn’t go that way. Designing a website can be cost effective only when the right tools are used effectively and efficiently. If the website is not designed using search engine optimization technique, or other techniques that increase the visibility, the potential customers will not be able to find you and soon you will be looking to redesign the website. Time is of the essence in today’s Global Economy.


Magento Web package best for you

Our web development is done with SEO techniques and principles and come with a user-friendly 'Admin Panel' where you can easily control and maintain the website. We provide professional training including a guideline on how to use the Admin Panel.

What you get with E-COMMERCE package

Along with the exceptional features provided below this package can be integrated with custom features required as per your e-commerce needs (Charges extra for custom features)

Custom Logo design

A company’s logo is its soul. It is a brand, a focal point. If designed keeping in mind Company’s brand, it will leave an imprint on customer’s minds.

Custom Site Layout

We design a completely professional looking and functional website for your business. The layouts will be designed by highly skilled creative designers. (including 10 inner pages)


Banner Slider

Rotating banner with upto four different image frames. The images used in banner will be concept based relevant to site.


CMS (content management system)

Simplifying the website content in order to allow the clients to create and submit content on the website without technical knowledge of HTML or the uploading of files.


Contact us Page

Contact us page may seem insignificant to few but it generates potential business for your company. It is the only gateway for your visitors to get in touch with you.


Search Engine Submission

We use top search engine submission companies and services to submit your web URL. This increases the probability of getting top rankings on search engines

Social Network Marketing

Market your website on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter with an option to get it on your site


Blogging on your website is a great way to promote your site and bring up the ranking of your website on search engines. This is because blogs are rich in content and as a result rank high in search engines.


News & Events

Post latest news and upcoming events on your website


Add/Manage Job Postings

Advertise available positions within your company on your website


Customer Login

New Customers can create account and returning customers can Log-in using this section.


Online Store (unlimited products)


With the ecommerce standard package you get an online store where you can upload unlimited products.


Shopping Cart

Shopping cart for your customers to add products


Product management

Manage and control the products to upload on the website through a user friendly admin panel


Order management

Manage customer orders and get alerts via email


Customer management

Add and manage the customers' groups and edit customer details. You can also monitor the online customers


Customer Tracking

Track every customer that is currently logged. For each customer, you will be able to see the IP address from which they are accessing your site,


Advanced SEO

Easily add and edit title, meta tags and meta description to all content pages


Live Chat

Fast & responsive live chat functionality to get in touch with your customers


Discount Coupons

Provide discount on selected products to selected customers and even group customers for discount.


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